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  1. I spoke with you at this past year’s Pasadena Showcase about being a part of our Game Day for Life, Fashion Show, Boutiques, Luncheon and Game
    Day. It will be held on Tuesday, March 19 2013 at 10:30am for shopping, 12:00 luncheon fashion show. This year as last it will be held at Toscana
    Country Club, the first year at Big Horn CC. It is a very high end clientel of friends and a beautiful day raising money for Bighorn(BAM) Behind A Miracle
    for Breast Cancer. All monies raised go to Eisenhower Hospital Breast Center providind critical funding needed to help in the diagnosis, treatment,
    research, services and education for those affected with breast cancer. Yes,
    I am a survivor as is my Co-Chair. We raised with 4 events last year, 1.5 million dollars. Hope you will join us and contact me
    Susan Goldfine

    • Hi Susan,

      Yes, I remember meeting you, but I thought we possibly might have also met at this past year’s Southwest Arts Festival at the Indio Polo grounds or maybe the Indian Wells Arts Festival.

      Thank you so much for considering me to participate in what sounds like a wonderful event!

      I may possibly be doing a fundraising event that week in Scottsdale, Arizona but it is not certain whether I will be doing it yet.

      Can you please tell me how much it is to do your event and what type of percentage do you collect?

      What you and your team have accomplished in raising such a huge amount of money in such a short period time is astounding!!!

      I am going to email you an introduction letter & some photos of my jewelry designs in the meantime. I can give you a definite answer in about 2 weeks, if that is alright with you.

      Thanks again,

      Julie Gealer

    • Julie: Would you be interested in doing a boutique at our event on
      Monday, March 17, 20 14 at Indian Ridge Country Club in Palm Desert. CAll me. I am getting lots of requests to participate, very high end boutiques. Let me know, or call me
      Susan Goldfine

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